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Forumzilla Frequently Asked Questions

How do I uninstall Forumzilla?

There are two approaches you can take. The first one is simple but doesn't really uninstall Forumzilla (it merely disables it), while the second one completely uninstalls Forumzilla but is not that simple.

The easy way:

  1. shut down Mozilla;
  2. put a hash mark (#) at the front of every line in your subscriptions.txt file;
  3. start Mozilla back up.

Note: this doesn't actually uninstall Forumzilla, but it prevents the extension from downloading any feeds and stories.

The hard way:

  1. shut down Mozilla;
  2. find the chrome/ directory within the Mozilla installation directory and back it up just in case, because any mistake in this procedure could cause Mozilla to no longer work;
  3. delete the forumzilla/ subdirectory of the chrome/ directory;
  4. remove the following line from the installed-chrome.txt file in the chrome/ directory:
  5. remove the following line from the overlays.rdf file in the overlayinfo/messenger/content/ subdirectory of the chrome/ directory:
  6. delete the chrome.rdf file in the chrome/ directory;
  7. start Mozilla back up.

Where is my profile Directory?

Refer to Where is my Mozilla profile located? if you are using Forumzilla with Mozilla Mail. If you are using Forumzilla with Thunderbird, refer to the information on that page, but replace references to "Mozilla" with "Thunderbird" or "Mozilla Thunderbird" and references to ".mozilla" with ".thunderbird".

The forumzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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